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the Startup IndexTM

alice. is the Startup IndexTM investment platform
that helps startups bridge the 'Valley of Death' funding gap.


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Are you an early stage startup looking for investment?

Are you in Europe, the Middle East, or North Africa?

Do you fit in the 'funding gap' below?

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alice. evaluates startups using its data-driven online due diligence platform, and secures investment for the top performers through data-optimized diversified startup indices.


We use a clear, structured, best-practices based due diligence process.

secure vault

We only share your data with accredited investors to help you secure investment.


Our platform helps you track your fundraising progress & measure your performance.

fast investment

Our unique data-driven approach helps our investors make decisions faster.
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Are you an accredited investor or institution?

Are you looking to diversify your investments in startups?

Do you invest in Europe, the Middle East, or North Africa?

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alice. offers very competitive rates due to the efficiency of its unique data-driven investment platform.

Startup IndexTM

Invest in diversified indices of early stage startups from Europe & the MENA region.


We use a clear, structured, best-practices based due diligence process.


Our platform helps you track your investments & measure their performance.


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1 - Recruitment

alice. is continously accepting applications from early stage startups in Europe & the MENA region. Through our country managers and partners, we work with local startup communities to ensure that all eligible startups apply for investment. You're never too early or too late to apply: our platform will guide you through the steps, and help you track your progress at your own pace. Once you're ready (the platform will notify us automatically based on your progress score), our Team will contact you to start the due diligence process.

2 - Selection

alice. evaluates startups using a data-driven due diligence process that is clear, structured, and built around international investment best-practices. The entire process happens online on our easy-to-use, interactive, and collaborative platform, and is designed for transparency so that you always know how close you are to investment. We select startups based on their (1) due diligence score and (2) relative fit in the index. All decisions are data-driven.

3 - Investment

alice. signs (on behalf of the investors) a convertible note term sheet with the selected startups, worth between 200k and 1M (USD / EUR / GBP). We believe that convertible notes help early stage startups secure investment faster as there is no time wasted on negotiating arbitrary valuations. We only take our 5% fees once you have secured investment.

4 - Reporting

alice. helps you maintain a healthy relationship with your investors by facilitating communication and automating reporting. All you have to do is update your startup's data regularly, and our platform takes care of notifying investors of your progress. You will also be able to broadcast 'smart money' requests to your investors via the platform.


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1- Which startups are eligible to apply for investment on alice.?

All early stage startups in Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa. We also encourage idea and seed stage startups to apply in preparation for investment down the line - the sooner you get on our platform the better we will know you when you are ready.

2- What information do startups need to share with alice.?

Information from your deck / business plan and financials, in addition to any traction data you may have. We collect this data via our platform, in a standardized and structured manner to facilitate sharing and updating.

3- What does it cost to apply for investment on alice.?

There is no fee for applying. We charge 5% fees only if and when your startup secures investment on our platform.

4- How long does it take to secure investment on alice.?

The entire process takes between 3 to 6 months, and depends on (1) your startup's readiness for investment and (2) the speed at which you provide us with quality data. We are working on bringing the minimum turnaround time to 6 weeks.

5- What are the terms of alice.'s Convertible Note?

The terms of each investment may differ, but all investments are structured to facilitate follow-on rounds, protect the founders, and ensure value for the investors. The standard terms include but are not limited to a discount, cap, maturity date, conversion preferences, and reporting requirements.

6- What are the reporting requirements for startups that have secured investment on alice.?

Post-investment, startups will be required to update their data on our platform monthly. This is the only form of reporting required outside of specific information requests.

7- Who has access to my application on alice.?

(1) Initially only you, your team (if you grant them access), and the alice. Team can access your application. (2) During the investment stage, accredited investors and institutions (e.g. funds) will by granted temporary access. (3) Upon closing the round, only the participating investors will continue to have access along with the alice. Team.

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1- Who is eligible to invest on alice.?

Only sophisticated accredited investors and institutions (e.g. funds) are eligible to invest for the time being. All investors must confirm their status before participating.

2- Why invest on alice.?

We offer unique diversified indices of top performing startups from across Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa. Our country managers work with dozens of partners and institutions in local startup communities to find the most promising investment opportunities. Our data-driven due diligence platform ensures transparency in the selection process. And our state-of-the-art investor dashboard allows you to make better decisions faster and track your investments more effectively.

3- How does alice. select startups?

We evaluate startups using a data-driven online due diligence platform that analyzes hundreds of data types with thousands of data points for each startup, which are benchmarked against industry and market data. Our cutting-edge proprietary machine learning algorithms quantitatively measure the risk profile of each startup and of the index as a whole.

4- How is an alice. Startup IndexTM structured?

Using modern portfolio theory, we select a variable number of top performing startups across a geographical horizontal or industry vertical (or both) that ensures a data-optimized diversified index. The general range of startups per index is 5-25. Each unique index is its own SPV, and invests in its startups using convertible notes.

5- How does my investment on alice. get to the startups?

Your investment goes into the index SPV and the SPV distributes it prorata to the startups within.

6- What does alice. charge investors?

We do not charge any annual management fees. We charge a risk-adjusted variable 10%-20% performance fee (carry) on each whole index. This means investors in each index will be paid back in full before we take any performance fes, fully aligning our incentives with that of the investors. We charge a small annual index maintenance fee that covers the costs of the SPV.

7- How are legal documents handled on alice.?

All legal documents required for investment can be handled online with electronic signatures, or offline by registered post.

8- How risky is investing in startups?

Investing in startups and early stage business involves risks, including liquidity, lack of dividends, loss of your investment and dilution and it should be done only as part of a diversified portfolio. See full risk warning here.

9- Can investors sell or transfer their ownership of an alice. Startup IndexTM?

Our indices are structured as SPVs and as a shareholder you would be able to transfer your ownership to someone else. However, please bear in mind there is no liquid market to determine the price for the shares and there may be tax implications on transfers. We cannot facilitate any sale or transfer.

10- Can investors create their own alice. Startup IndexTM?

Good question! Watch this space.

11- How do investors make returns on an alice. Startup IndexTM?

You will start receiving funds back only when startups in your index have liquidity events (acquisition, IPO, etc.). Startups are an illiquid asset class and it may be years before a single liquidity event happens.

12- If I invest in an alice. Startup IndexTM and something happens to alice., what happens to my investment?

Each index is structured as an independent SPV, shielding it from alice. should any problems arise.

13- How much interaction will I have with the startups in an alice. Startup IndexTM I invested in?

The terms of investment require startups to report on the platform at least monthly. In addition, the platform is built to be collaborative so startups and investors can communicate and create synergies to increase the value of the investment (smart money).

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Combining 7 years in startups & investing, 8 years in platform engineering, 4 years in financial risk analysis, and over 12 years in machine learning.

Samer Karam

Chief Executive Officer

- Serial Entrepreneur
- Facilitated creation of & steering a $400M startup fund
- Founder of Seeqnce, a critically acclaimed startup accelerator
- Angel Investor with successful track record (4/9 startups)

Mackram Raydan

Chief Technology Officer

- Serial Entrepreneur
- Mentored 32 innovators on Stars of Science TV Show
- Managed Global Business Solutions in EMEA for P&G
- Mentored & Coached the CTOs of 8 startups (3 successes)

Yuelin Li

Chief Financial Officer

- Top Ranked European Credit Research & International Equities Sales @ J.P. Morgan
- Credit Risk @ Nationwide
- Passed all 3 CFA exams
- Advisor to Social Enterprises
- Governor @ Local Government

Zahi Karam

Chief Data Scientist

- MIT Machine Learning PhD.
- R&D engineer at Nexidia
- Machine learning expertise:
  > Exploiting signal data for decision support.
  > Designing & deploying data collection systems